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Can Cervicalgia Cause Tinnitus?

Can Cervicalgia Cause Tinnitus

One of these causes is the neck (cervical spine) or jaw (TMJ). Cervical radiculopathy is a condition caused by the pinching or compression of the root of a spinal nerve in the neck. It can cause pain and weakness, especially in the head, neck, shoulders, and arms. Researchers commented that moving towards symptom relief is easier when cervicalgia is not also accompanied by anxiety or depression.

There are many causes of cervicalgia; most of the time, it has nothing to do with neck discs. That said, the neck pain that you may experience due to a herniated disc, either alone or in addition to the irradiated symptoms, can be called cervicalgia. The cervical spine houses sensory organs and nerves, which means that cervicalgia can also be accompanied by other types of symptoms. Cervicalgia can be quite intense at times, but it is usually felt in the same area from which it arises.

ICD-10, which is the coding system that most healthcare providers and therapists use to bill insurance, does not give the direct causes of cervical pain with the exception of disc disorder of the cervical spine. Synergistic effect of physical therapy plus drug therapy with eperisone in tension cervicalgia.


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