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Can Cervicalgia Cause Vertigo?

Can Cervicalgia Cause Vertigo

People who have had extreme head injuries, cervical arthritis, or cervical disc herniations are most often affected by cervical vertigo. Cervicogenic dizziness can often result from a whiplash injury in car accidents. Cervical vertigo is a treatable condition. Without proper medical guidance, your symptoms could get worse.

Self-diagnosis is not recommended, as this condition can simulate more serious illnesses. Another potential cause is cervicogenic dizziness, imbalance or dizziness that arises from the neck. As an independent cause of dizziness, cervicogenic dizziness is controversial. However, more research is being done in this area, which improves our understanding of how different body systems interact.

Vestibular dysfunction, unlike BPPV and other causes of vertigo, cervicogenic dizziness may have a component of vestibular dysfunction due to the multidirectional impact on cervical afferents (VCRs) and ocular afferents (VCRs). Therefore, vestibular rehabilitation exercises can be used to retrain gaze stability, balance and maintenance of neck position and postural stability.


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