Neck Pain Sleep

What Better Pillow For Neck Pain?

Best pillows for side sleepers · Best pillows for shoulder pain. First, my favorite is the Casper foam pillow. This firmer pillow is designed to keep your head and neck properly aligned, preventing any neck pain in the future and relieving any existing pain. With its contoured shape and supportive memory foam, the Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Neck Pillow promises to keep your neck aligned throughout the night.

It comes in three sizes, customizable to your body shape and sleep style, and is completely hypoallergenic. Memory foam pillows are great for relieving neck pain. These pillows are designed to cushion and contour the head, so they do a great job of supporting the neutral alignment of the spine. Memory foam contour pillows are also durable and last a long time.

Unlike feather or down pillows, they don’t require frequent fluffing to maintain their shape. We especially recommend opting for an adjustable pillow with shredded memory foam, as you can remove or add padding to achieve the perfect height. It may take time to adjust, but the shape can offer relief to those who sleep on their backs when traditional pillows don’t cut it. Sleeping on your stomach is risky for neck pain, as the position often pushes the head up and misaligns it with the spine.

Neck pain is more common among office workers and people who sit most of the day, and if you sleep with your spine crooked or too extended in either direction, you can make it worse. For an all-natural and adjustable option, many people choose buckwheat pillows, such as the original Hullo buckwheat pillow. It has a removable foam piece on the back, which can help reduce the resting position of the head for people who find the pillow too high. For some living with chronic neck pain, pillow firmness and volume preferences vary from night to night depending on their level of overall discomfort.

Made from hyperelastic polymers arranged in a smart comfort grid, the purple pillow is specifically designed to support the head and neck. However, choosing the right pillow and adopting a healthy sleeping posture can help relieve pressure on your neck. The Eli %26 Elm Pillow is uniquely shaped with a recessed shoulder center, designed to fit your body while sleeping on your side. And while you carefully consider all your options, do not forget to pay close attention to materials, loft and firmness to find the perfect pillow for a good night’s sleep.

Next on my list is the Purple Harmony pillow, and I chose it specifically for those looking for a soft pillow that relieves neck pain. For those who sleep on their backs, the sturdy cervical roller supports the neck itself, while the head rests on the contour. The plush padding and memory foam together offer an excellent contour for the head and neck, which greatly helps to relieve aches and pains.

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