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What Kind Of Pillows Cause Neck Pain?

Feather pillows are the ones that hurt the neck the most. Sleepers who experience neck pain at night can greatly benefit from a pillow that relieves pressure. The Silk Snow Pillow 26 provides enough cushioning to cradle the neck, relieving pressure build-up while maintaining moderate support. See Causes, symptoms and treatment of stiff neck.

Neck pain caused by improper pillow is caused by muscle tension and lack of neck support. You may suffer from tension headaches due to a bad pillow along with neck pain, loss of sleep, and irritability. A foam pillow made of breathable and pressure-relieving material could provide greater support and better sleep quality. One function of a pillow is to keep the neck in proper alignment with the rest of the spine to ensure that the muscles relax properly and don’t stretch too far.

People can also adjust buckwheat pillows to fit virtually any sleep style and need by adding or removing hooves from the pillow. For people who experience neck pain, choosing the right pillow can be a key step to living pain-free. Choose from three sizes: small, medium and large to find the right pillow for you and your neck. The adjustable height and balanced feel also make this pillow ideal for those who sleep and experience neck pain at night.

By supporting the head, a pillow can keep the neck in line with the spine, which helps relieve neck pain and allows muscles to relax. The manufacturer advises that the pillow may not be suitable for side sleepers, but also advises that, if a person who sleeps on his side decides to use the pillow, he should use the side areas as they are higher, which allows proper alignment of the neck. Pillows that are too stiff or too full can strain the neck by keeping it flexed throughout the night, causing pain. For example, people who sleep on their side generally need a pillow of medium to high height, while people who sleep on their stomach require lower pillows so as not to stretch their necks up.

The right pillow to relieve neck pain is one that will keep the head and neck at a neutral angle in alignment with the natural curve of the spine. In the Buyer’s Guide section, we’ll discuss the reasons why you might have neck pain and how your pillow can help you. Made from hyperelastic polymers arranged in a smart comfort grid, the purple pillow is specifically designed to support the head and neck. Additional support can be provided by adding a small rolled towel or a small roll-shaped pillow placed under the neck.

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