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Which Pillows Are Best For Neck Pain Uk?

Which Pillows Are Best For Neck Pain Uk

If you are looking for supporting and cooling properties, the Simba Hybrid Pillow will suit your needs. It uses breathable and nanocube technology designed for maximum airflow and allows air to escape so you can stay cool. The cooling function comes from three elements. First, the temperature regulation inspired by the astronauts used in the fabric of the pillow.

There is also a special layer of mineral-enriched fibers that disperses heat. Finally, the mesh fabric ensures that the pillow is breathable and releases heat when you sleep. Overall, it is a versatile pillow that fits anyone regardless of the sleeping position. This contoured pillow adapts to your exact shape, relieving pressure on your neck and shoulder muscles.

This pillow comes with a 14-night sleep test, which is ideal for testing your comfort, and once you have the right firmness, they offer great support. For some living with chronic neck pain, pillow firmness and volume preferences vary from night to night depending on their level of overall discomfort. This third generation memory foam pillow is supportive for your head, neck and spine, but also provides enough to ensure you get a good night’s sleep. However, they quickly lose their height (pillow jargon for height), and feathers can easily shift while you sleep, without giving constant support to your head and neck during the night.

I replaced a feather pillow with this one and was amazed at how comfortable and supported it feels on both the head and neck. As down pillows flatten over time, they are not the best option for those who sleep on their side and require more height, but others will find it a comfortable option. So why such a HUGE number of us are willing to put up with anything less than the best pillows (when we spend, on average, 26 years of our lives in bed) is beyond us. No one likes to wake up feeling like they haven’t slept well at night, especially when combined with a pain in the neck.

Pillows should be firm enough to support the neck without creating pressure points, but the precise firmness of a pillow depends on your usual sleeping position. Buyers report that it is more medium than firm, and ideal for those who sleep on their side and want to hug the pillow and sleep with one knee resting on it, a position that relieves the back while the other branch of the V supports the neck and head.

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